Violin Lessons With Shannon


“Exceptional Teacher!”

"I think Shannon is an exceptional teacher. She has taught me a lot in only a few lessons. I started learning songs a few lessons ago. If you're looking for a violin teacher, she is the one to choose."
-Jessica Cassidy

“Excellent Teacher!”

“Shannon is a great violin teacher! She's very patient and kind. She definitely listens to you as the student and works with you to make each lesson personal. It's always great to find a teacher that really cares about her students. Each time I had a concern or question, Shannon would take the time to explain everything in a simple and understanding way so you didn't feel overwhelmed. And she always encouraged the sharing of thoughts and ideas. I would definitely recommend Shannon to anyone who would like to learn how to play the violin. She's one of the best!”

-Donna Quinn

“Shannon is the best!"

"Before I started taking lessons, I knew absolutely nothing about music but loved to hear the violin. She's patient, caring, and encouraging, always instructing with a smile so that you are motivated to keep moving forward, to practice more, which leads to making beautiful music. Thanks Shannon!”

-George Ehmann

“Shannon is a terrific teacher."

"She knows her craft and helps you develop your talents in the most patient, caring, and thorough way. She teaches you how to practice that makes playing rewarding and not that you just want to get it over with. You learn new things every time you see her. She is very supportive and helpful with her advice about your music. She is my first teacher that I have had to go to but I can tell you it's the best because I can focus better when it's quiet and there is no one else around but me and her.”

-Mahpharah Khan 

“Simply the Best!”

"Shannon is an excellent violin teacher and the price of each lesson is very reasonable. I highly recommend her."

-Michael Cassidy